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  • About me
    • Nickname : Zav
    • First name : Alexandre
    • Localisation : France
    • Mail : z av at ax la y .com
    As for my works, here's some infos. I'm always working with Photoshop. With a graphic tablet, it's a must for me. So I'm rarely working on real paper. Only time to time, with some quick sketches. For the animations, I'm using Flash, and for the video, After Effect.
  • About Guildwarseries
  • 'Guildwarseries' is not 'Guild Wars Series'. It is written in one single word. Everything that concerns Guild Wars, I called that some 'guildwarseries' (a french invented word). In english, I could have said 'guildwarsstuff' or 'guildwarsthingies' for example.
  • About Guild Wars
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